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Writing To Reach You

Deaf Verse
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Writing is the greatest form of self-expression. There is no other type of art that people turn to so regularly for the expression of their emotions. And in the release of emotion through writing, others are touched. We encourage all forms of writing in this community, whether it be poetry, prose, or any other venue not mentioned here.

Whether we know it or not, every time we pick up a pen to write, we are practicing our craft. The idea of writing practice is a new concept to many who write. There seems to be some vague notion inside that somewhere inside the desire to be a writer is the inherent knowledge of how to go about it. Natural talent aside (though there is plenty of that), to become a better writer we must practice. Perhaps you have no aspirations to become published; you are simply writing for that release. But by taking time for writing practice, you are honoring yourself as a writer, and honoring others who read your work. By practicing, you learn what really matters to you. You grieve and heal and discover things about yourself that you never knew.

Throw yourself into the hurly-burly of life.
It doesn't matter how many mistakes you make,
what unhappiness you have to undergo.
It's all your material.
Don't wait for experience to come to you;
go out after experience.
Experience is your best material.
-W. Somerset Maugham

In this community, we endeavor to provide the best possible atmosphere for you to practice writing. There are no restricted topics. Feel free to write about any subject that speaks to you. If you are offended by dark, suggestive, cruel, or violent topics, then this community is not for you. We encourage our members to write about what moves them most.


As of right now, we offer one prompt a week, our Friday Night Write. ashrayne is currently in charge of this prompt. A complete list of previously posted Friday Night Writes can be found here. You may write for any of these prompts at any time.

Other prompts or exercises for other days of the week may come in the future.

Only those that risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go. - T. S. Eliot


We welcome any and all newcomers! After you've joined, please take just a moment and tell us about yourself before you post any poetry. The more we know about you, the more we feel personal with your writing.

Just copy and paste this into your intro post:

Name: (a first name, or a pen name will do)
Age: (this is optional)
Country: (if this makes you uncomfortable, this is optional as well)
Your Writing Experience:
Your favorite topic to write about and why:
Where you heard of us:
What you hope to gain from this community:

When you join, we will automatically make you a tag that consists of your username after your first post. If you would like to keep track of your work, tag it with your username in this format:

user: namehere


1. To post, you MUST comment an entry before yours..everyone likes to have comments, and this way every entry will have at least one comment! This applies to prompt responses as well as regular posts.

2. Please, if you're posting your work and it is extremely long, put it behind an lj-cut.

3. When posting a prompt response: Put the number of the prompt in the subject section of your post. Also, please tag your prompt response with the appropriate tag. A prompt tag list may be found here. If you do not tag your prompt responses, it may or may not eventually be done for you by a moderator. All around, it's best if you do it yourself.

4. When responding to a post, don't be harsh or critical. Remember that we are all writers, and that we are all growing together. Offer constructive comments. If you have strong feelings about a certain part of a post, temper it with a compliment.

5. Lastly, write. This community would be meaningless without your participation.

If you have any questions or problems with the community, please send an e-mail to deafverse@gmail.com One of the moderators will respond as quickly as they can.

You're a writer, and that's something better than being a millionare - because it's something holy. - Harlan Ellison

We would like to give a special thanks to mp5davy, and deguz, the community founders.

This community is managed and maintained by deguz, blackarachnid, kikyo7inuyasha, and ashrayne.

Thanks for joining!