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29th-Jan-2014 07:27 pm - slick

Pleasantries evidently tempting to tease, you're this chocolate kind of testing when you're next to me.

14th-Jan-2012 10:12 am - leaves
cut loose!
how will I ever make this up to you
the cold is ahead
and sinking lonely I left
your arms bare
swaying and shed
of all the warmth 
I could ever spare

your fingers had me
holding on yet still I fell
windblown and detached
tumbling spinning towards the ground

I trusted you not to let go
I thought that we were the perfect match
have I done all I can?
I felt the change through the colors
viscid memories
and clung on for dear life

yearning to sway up in your arms again so high
now I'm just lost beneath you!
scattered with thousands more to die
at your feet like a blanket to fertilize
your growth far up into the sky
31st-Dec-2011 06:22 am - it was interesting...
Just another raver kid,
playing what he tries to feel,
spinning on those tracks like they were the brothers he drinks life with,
take a toast to this,
another night of excellence,
but we may wonder where the heart exists,
to keep up with this existence..
where some efforts may seem so fruitless..
do remember everything when you take that sip..
to say damn..
where else can be so delicious?
its really too bad you only get one memory to share all those moments with..
wish I had a cd to give you my soul in..
seems to me it would be a perfect little melody
of maybe something smooth
that was begging for the spicy..
like that last cup of tea before you set your moves,
if anything it would be happy just to be your morning groove.
27th-Jan-2010 11:36 pm - XXVII.XI
eat me
we were ill advised to go chasing
orgasms like Daphne, to trap them
in some corner; to watch them
turn to trees in our fingertips.

if we could learn to sit, still as buddha,
and patiently wait for them to rain
down on us in showers
(of gold),
we would all be the mothers
of heroes,
and we'd never again have to pay for parking
or car insurance
or spend the night fingering each other
because the drug store closes early
on sundays.

(i write with greater frequency at www.corneredinhibitions.blogspot.com, if you please)
25th-Jan-2010 12:34 am(no subject)
You were all belig the last time I saw you
A receding hairline and a beer-chipped tooth
I knew you were the one for me
And my recurring lack of dignity

We spent that night under dirty covers
An illicit affair between fictional lovers
A masochistic mentality
Enlaced with necessary frivolity
I caved in to your lips

Now I wonder where you’ve gone
when you were just a fleeting ghost
and I was just a willing pawn
wanting for this disaster to happen the most

Can I have one more swig
One more cig-a-rette
My lips can’t take this
12th-Jan-2010 12:48 pm - Oh, Intimate Friend.
misty rain
I'd give anything (no, everything) if only you would smile
I know those aches, those stifled fears, the hopes trapped in exile
For you I'd forgive any sin, the dankest, the most vile -
Oh intimate friend.

I see you standing, half-alone, tugging at the sun
Wishing it would disappear and prove the day was done
For you I'd fight a million wars, to death or 'til we won
Oh intimate friend.

I find snatches of memories; I find shreds of your heart
I find the scattered refuse of the future, hacked apart
For you I'd practice magic and the blackest mystic art
Oh intimate friend.

I pray for you (no, beg for you) to have a chance at life
To mend the wreckage of the past and climb above the strife
For you I'd sing a thousand songs and dance to danger's fife
Oh intimate friend.
12th-Jan-2010 12:35 am(no subject)
the deep thoughts quiver my mind into a blowing spiral of words randomly
picked in no specific order of careless intentions, but seems to make
perfectly good sens to a intellectual mind of some sort. as long as you
obtain a open mind of vivid imagination my writings will invade some
sensory portion of your brain and tickle it until you tap out in
11th-Jan-2010 12:50 am - word placement
eat me
I line our bodies up (your
hands, my fingers, your knees, my
back) and rearrange
them. I'm trying to make some sense
of this careless tangle.
I bring out the best in you (maybe, let's see -
your arms, my neck, your toes, my toes, my
but it seems you can't bring much
of me (anywhere - your tongue,
my wrists, my arms, my shoulders, my

If these parts were detachable,
I could line them up in flawless
sense, our syntax
would grind, would blossom, would wail -
(my palms, your palms, your hips, like this, like
but this is english, love,
and your subject cannot be implied - we lack
the signifier, we lack the

(my back, your back, your back, the door.)

In some other era we may meet
to sing sweet latin.
all the words will be implied,
effortless understanding - yes
the language yields to lovers -
will materialize, and you
won't have to say
deep darkness rolls around infected the body insane decaying the vain, destroying the body and the brain, consumed by anger and fear.inquiry searches and endless bounds and bundles, deceitful of appearance to the pretty words to be guile into its treachery.

Almost 4 years its been and this just hit me and I couldn't stop expressing my self until i was done and read the outcome and was impressed with my self.
2nd-Jan-2010 01:39 pm - This Is Not a Love Poem
History Boys - walking among the ruins
This Is Not a Love Poem

This is not a love poem.

I'm not the kind of girl
who goes after what's easy,
and not the kind of poet who does happy endings --

And God knows it wouldn't be hard
to write a love poem about him,
because he's the kind of guy who holds open doors
and pre-warms my seat warmer...

( The rest at my journal )
23rd-Nov-2009 12:29 am - Lucky Penny
Oh say..
Like the wind,
in a whis-per..
the description.. of the stars
constellations outline to me in paraphrase
your zo-di-ac..
and tell me the meaning of those freckles on your arm..
looking up, to see all those meteors..
another falling in love metaphor..
so bright and lovely like our future, foretold..
(on solid ground like our earth)
and the idea doesn't get old..
no, no it don't
planning out my winter on the beach with her
But she'd rather think about that later..
right now she must concentrate on work..
And I said hey pretty baby
wontcha be my girl
I say oh, to me, that would mean the world
as much as I may sound cliche
the feeling behind it for me doesn't change
And I say oh, let's catch this movie that I wanted to see
do this for me and for you it's free.. you'll like it
I promise
laughter guaranteed
no tears today or those other bad night dreams
And if it comes down to it we can flip a coin
putting our fate in lucks kind choice
nothing will be easier than letting go for a change..
as it shakes
and rolls down the drain..
29th-Oct-2009 12:01 am - Lights
There were times when I’d sing just as I breathed. Inhale. Exhale. Easy peasy.
What happened to freedom? Traveling endlessly under stars that don’t belong to me, I watch unrecognizable eyes pass me by…by…bye.
But these lights,
God, they’re pretty,
Just like souls under spotlight.
I’d forgotten what it meant to see. I’m still not seeing clearly.
All I see are reflections but they’re not of me. I still don’t see you either.
Touch me, remind me.
Remind me what it means to see.
Remind me to breathe.
That bird, she flies.
I only watch.
18th-Oct-2009 09:39 pm - At the Heights
The once looming grey and desolate storm, now sails to the present, 
Overhead it silently suspends it's brewing opression on our scene,
The barren landscape of the moors rolls away into eternity,
Dressed in it's rugged and timeless mourning,
The rarest tree that once grew fertile there now stands alone,
Tall and lifeless, it's wilted stoop, in memory of itself,
Ghosts are carried in the wind to the places they roamed,
At the trunk of the trees they stand, replaying memories,
Widow's fingers trace engraved initals in the ancient bark,
But the heart was scored there in the youth of the tree,
In the youth of her soul when she stood shaded by it's leaves,
The tree had since stood, as ages passed, a tomb of love,
Become twisted by the wind that had once been a friend,
It's stature had bittered, distorted in all her pain,
And had torn apart the heart inscribed in it's chest,
Broken and cracked bole tears the sentiment apart

7th-Jan-2010 02:57 pm - Passing
There's just a half a bag of chips left
puddles in our tent
still raining outside
our clothes are soaking wet
I'm trying to decide where this week is meant to end..
as early morning creeps on over
there is little to be said...
and so we slowly wake ourselves
crawling back on through the trees
following this beaten path
back to the road
I hope for some recurring thought
to get stuck in my head
seems like the last time that i tried it
all that i could do
was forget
I don't understand you see..
what you want to mean
and I'd rather be confused than broken in between
the two of us
to-tally stressed
but here we are relaxing
with our arms and legs stretched out
like we were 12 again
just laying in the clouds
with mindfuls of imagination
finding giant robots in the ground
id like to see a simple me
a younger state of mind..
but for all i try to grasp it..
the only thing i do...
is waste time..
11th-Sep-2009 07:17 pm - inside another oak tree
It's all about the roots
when we do as we do
i take up myself in on these legs
and i walk
walk home to you
the idea of time that it takes
to come up with this rhyme
i feel sly
dont be surprised when I change your mind
with a simple word
or two
of mine
as we dance upon this hilltop
glowing in our web
stuck on strings
like puppets
with light on our fingertips
to be on our grave
already made
we know where it ends but how long before we feel the earth shake
our selves
try to stay these dreams
it's not over
the sunrise dosen't change
a thing
Have you ever stopped to think about
how you hate the way the start of this song sounds
and how all the words that i wrote to sing
remind you of pretty much everything
Cut for extreme length and borism, but I like itCollapse )
(love u :D)Read it twice its so much better
18th-May-2009 09:28 pm - I love you.

Sweet Grass Sunrise Runner #2

There is a gentle voice

Whispering softly across the sea

Over the lost hills and lonely meadows
Slowly trying to find thee.

For I’m playing in a valley
Where lovers used to dwell

Where there’s an orchid that never dies
And a peacefulness I will never sell.

Spend my days seeking wisdom
While waiting for you to arrive

Longing for the moment
to lift my head and meet the beauty of your eyes.

truly offering my hands this time,
as to travel side by side

walking in the sweetest grass.
Chasing our sunrise.

... I love you.

Copyright 2009 RC
18th-Mar-2009 07:11 pm - Language is a Virus
misty rain
Language is a virus, it's a dangerous disease
It attacks you when you're healthy, then worsens by degrees
It preys on busy people, leaving lazy ones alone
And gurgles through their bloodstreams with a satisfying groan.

Language is a fever, it's a sickness in the brain
It chokes you with its meanings, makes you think 'til you're in pain
It feeds on all your knowledge, it breeds in all your words
And pecks your mind to pieces like a flock of screaming birds.

Language is a headache, it's an ailment with no cure
It seduces with great patience, it woos with mad amour
It creeps into the limelight, it sucks up all your time
And kills you with its stories, its novels, and its rhyme.
17th-Mar-2009 10:53 pm - The Color of Hunger
misty rain
Lingerie falls with a flick and a tug
Each fuck and each trick is a hit of a drug
The fat ones and old ones they'll take with a shrug -
The color of hunger is red

Hollow dead eyes stare from sunken-in cheeks
Grimy old tears cross their faces in streaks
They eat cakes of dirt and drink sewer leaks -
The color of hunger is brown.

The thick cement walls muffle sounds of the fights
Endless cold halls burn with sterile white lights
The gaurds clutch their pistols and mumble last rites -
The color of hunger is gray

Manicured hands drip with diamonds and gold
Lips purse for cigarettes perfectly rolled
Revenge and contentment are paid for and sold -
The color of hunger is green
31st-Dec-2008 07:51 pm - Remembrance
Inconsistent breeze blows across me

carrying a change I'm helpless to resist.

In my heart, I know I will someday rest my

weary head against salvation...

And how ironic that that wind,

unsteady as my hand, will be the only

familiar thing to me then.

The only calm there to comfort me

when all else have faded like

the many stars I have gazed upon.

This empty sky serves to remind

of the reverence I once held.

Certain now that it's purpose was never to hold

but only to echo my every word

for eternity.

Across a distance my mind seeks

the far reaches of a forgotten sea

whose waves have never touched me.

May the tide wash away my unease

and give promise to me that I only ever dream

And never cross that restless breeze again

That once caressed my face.

4th-Dec-2008 07:53 pm - Treblinka
Here I lay in darkness in broken sleep with
indifferent carnage as my lone lullaby.
Time is eating away at my skin.
The Others tore me away
from dreams and light-filled days—
from golden children and…
I saw Them fall and die
under starless nights
holding their babes.
I saw their smoke suffocate the heavens.
And I lost my own too.
I lost my mama too.

The sun never rises—
Is it winter yet?
I am frozen.

My God! My God!
Where have you been!

I heard They heard!
Are they here yet?
Where do They linger?
Please come…

I shall lay here patiently
waiting for the sun to rise.
27th-Nov-2008 09:56 pm - Belongings
lost without you

On the prowl.

Deep growl delicious,

licking k-9s diamond sharp.

My dear poor prey.

Enjoy the sun while you can,

lounge how you like,

shadows will swallow your breath.

Close your eyes and bow.

You are already mine.


I'll lick your skin clean of salt;

sweet from the colorless sea.

Tear it softly between my teeth,

pulling flesh from bone.

Soul from its cage.

I'll drain the red from underneath,

saving the blue for your eyes.

Can't you see?

I've set you free.

And now you belong to me.




© j.t. 11/26/08

(title pending)

(feedback much appreciated. also, what happened to the rule about commenting the poem before yours before you can post one? im not seeing a whole lot of that...)

24th-Nov-2008 11:46 am(no subject)
Hey Music-LoversCollapse )

Divided into two,
there is a black and white
where I meant everything and nothing,
of what I said that night
Sometimes I miss what was, and what could have been
but I know that if it is meant to be,
then it will be again.

11th-Nov-2008 07:31 pm(no subject)
Here’s the truth, the whole truth
Don’t even ask if I left something out
This is my side of the story, my truth
I’ll be hurt if you’ve a brain enough to doubt
Because this is the truth as I see it
And as I see it is the only way to see
So don’t question, don’t pursue answers
Close your mouth and mind and just believe
11th-Nov-2008 07:27 pm(no subject)
You said Trust me
I said Okay
And I did
I let you manipulate
All I knew
Was all you told me
And I was happy
Being lied to
But then I broke out
Of the box you placed me in
And I realized that there was more to life
Than cardboard and tape
I never knew
Because you said Trust me
You said the sky wasn’t real
But then I flew
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